Bundu Mende Tribe Ceremonial Masks from Sierra Leone

Ceremonial masks of the Bundu Mende tribe of Sierra Leone.

Period/Era: Early 20th century, Sierra Leone

H18    Dia9

Price: $7500.00 ea

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Adirondack Clock with Bear

Andirondack table clock in the form of log cabin with interior scene. Pine cone roof, twig construction.

Period/Era: Late 20th century, United States

Designer / Artist: Bruce Gunderson

Price: $1,800.00

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Matte White Glaze Vase

Period/Era: Mid Century

Price: $350.00 / pr

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Marian Weisberg Statue

Period/Era: Mid Century, United States

W4    D7    H8

Price: $350.00

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Blenko Pitcher

United States

H16    Dia9

Price: $375.00

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Blenko Vase

Period/Era: Mid Century, United States

W7 H20

Price: $475.00

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Chinese Statue

Carved Chinese statue of male figure.

Period/Era: 18th Century

W12 H38

Price: $3,600.00

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19th Century Oil on Canvas in the Hudson River School

Period/Era: 19th Century

W22 H18.5

Price: $1,800.00

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Scenic Landscape

Period/Era: 1830’s


W21    H17

Price: $2,500.00

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