Art and Residence – Live with what you love

– Live with what you love


“We want people to buy art and furniture
because it speaks to them, because they love it.
It’s all about discovering what you love.”

Art and Residence exhibitions are specially curated environments bringing together art, objects and furnishings to create a sense of place and a love for the things we live with. We read about works made by Old Masters and new darlings of the art world selling at auction for breathtaking sums, making it seem as if living with art is an exclusive privilege. We aim to show that living with art is a joy available to everyone. Including you! The goal of Art and Residence is to introduce you to art and objects in a wide price range and show you how to bring the joy of living with art into your home. Art and Residence exhibitions celebrate the work of living artists, combining their work with furnishings from The Hudson Mercantile to create beautiful living environments. We invite you to visit our Art and Residence exhibitions to learn how to breathe life and beauty into your own home so that you too can live with what you love.

Art and Residence was borne from a conversation between friends Michel Goldberg (artist) and Chris Hebert (furniture dealer) about mounting an exhibition of Michel’s paintings, monoprints and sculpture. Both have a strong belief that art and furniture should live together, and that everyone, regardless of economic status, should have the ability to surround themselves with beauty. Art and Residence will mount new exhibitions at The Hudson Mercantile’s Allen Street store every quarter and invite everyone to join us. We plan to take Art and Residence on the road beyond our Hudson walls, with pop-ups and longer term galleries that will bring this unique point-of-view to cities and events around the country. Stay tuned, it’s going to be an interesting experiment and a great road trip.