19th Century Oil on Canvas in the Hudson River School

Period/Era: 19th Century

W22 H18.5

Price: $1,800.00

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Scenic Landscape

Period/Era: 1830’s


W21    H17

Price: $2,500.00

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Oasis by Robert Hallowell

Period/Era: 1920’s

Artist: Robert Hallowell

W30 H26

Price: $2,300.00

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Cascade in Yosemite

Period/Era: 1912, United States

Artist: Maude Allen

W17    H23

Price: $1,400.00

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Sun Squal

Period/Era: 1960’s

Artist: Ainslie Burke

H30 W39

Price: $3,200.00

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Nudes and Landscape

Period/Era: 1953

Artist: Massey

W50 H36

Price: $4,200.00

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Two Indians

Frame: 19 1/2

Frame: 21 1/2

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Indian in Teepee

Frame: 19 1/2

Frame: 21 1/2

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Deer in Adirondack Frame

19th century oil on canvas painting. Birch bark and twig frame.

Frame Width: 24

Frame Height: 21 1/2

Price: $2,400

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